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Come on back libido!

“Libido, libido?”

“Are you there, libido?”

“Ah fuck it, too much going on right now, you can head wayyyy down the list.”

Mannn, have babies or struggle with your health, and bye bye libido, right?!

Maybe it’s not this way for everyone but I know it was this way for me. Sex just wasn’t really on the radar for a few years.

But…I believe sex is important in an intimate relationship. It serves us well beyond the bedroom bringing closeness & making you less irritated by their annoying little traits.

Like, those bloody work socks on the bathroom floor, bedroom floor and deck…I’ll just gather them up & put them in the wash basket without a word if I’m getting some.

Some things we can do to retrieve our libido back from the bottom of the list…

🔥 Look after our mental & physical health (sleep, stress management, plant-based/predominant nutrition, hydration, exercise, doing things that bring you joy).

🔥 Nurture & balance our hormones.

🔥 Communicate & spend time with our beloved.

🔥 Self pleasure – yup, a party for one!

🔥 Use adaptogenic herbs such as Jing, schizandra, eucommia bark, cordyceps & maca.

Sometimes you just gotta get back on that horse even with an absent libido.

It’s often better than you expect and can lead to further connection & intimacy, which is good for everyone – including your kids (if you have them!).

Low libido is certainly a common thread amongst my clients & I’m really not surprised.

I’m living proof that it is possible to get your sex drive back again & if you have no idea where to start, I can support you too.

Either book a 1:1 health guidance consultation, or order some amazing Superfeast products via my website.

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