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what my clients say...

"I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease which led to serious illness and a hospital stay.


Once I started with Hannah’s plan for my recovery I soon felt the benefits, and my bloods and urine tests also showed improvement.

I commenced on SuperFeast mushrooms: Schisandra, Turkey Tail and Astragalus. I also went plant based with my diet, and added in beautiful Goddess Greens.

Goddess Greens undoubtedly cleared the fog in my brain, and gave me energy that my illness had sapped from me. I have regular bowel movements every day and I sleep so well.

I couldn’t be more grateful to Hannah for her support, guidance, knowledge and deep understanding when working with me.


The fact that I was on some ‘big gun’ medication did not deter her, we worked with it.


I believe this plan worked so well in getting me to recovery…now for complete remission.


Thank you is just not enough to express how I am so deeply grateful for you Hannah."

Diane Russ

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