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A snippet of my story

In 2016 after the arrival of my second child, I became unwell due to e.Coli contamination in our rural water supply.


My gut health was ruined, leaving me with “leaky gut” and dysbiosis.


I became a shell of a human with food intolerances, adrenal fatigue/burn out, postnatal depletion, brain fog, lethargy, rage/moodiness, severe eczema, joint aches, gas, bloating, constipation, liver discomfort, menstrual issues, poor immune function, and frequent yeast infections. 


Ironically, my bloods and physical examination with my GP were "normal". But, I wasn't going to accept how rotten I felt. I had to find a way to heal and be a better mother to my babies.


I am a [no longer practicing] registered nurse.

When conventional medicine couldn't do a thing for me, I found my own way forward...


I detoxed, regenerated, and worked on my emotional, psychological & spiritual wellbeing...and have never looked back.

My business is an organic result of my personal healing experience.


Love is unconditional and abundant in my world.

My health journey has gifted me the knowledge, expertise and experience to guide you on yours.


You are not stuck or hopeless.


I am here for you.

Hannah x

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