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  • Just wondering should I be having Jing in the morning and Goddess Greens a bit later? How would you recommend taking these both daily?
    Goddess Greens contains a small amount of caffeine (approx 15mg per 5g.heaped tsp serve) so is best taken before 3pm. Jing contains no caffeine but can still be very energising for some people. These products are best taken in the morning, and again if needed in the early-mid afternoon. Some people mix them together in water, others add to a smoothie. I (Hannah) like to have GG in a large glass of water to rehydrate after sleep, then add Jing to cacao or smoothie or make a cup of tea (1 tsp Jing, hot water, plant milk, honey).
  • Can I take Superfeast Jing in the evening?
    If you are starting out with Jing it is best to take it in the morning. Over time you can try an evening dose, however, it can be stimulating for some no matter how long you have been taking it. Feel free to give it a go at a small 1/4 tsp dose.
  • Is there any difference in taking powder vs capsules?
    No difference, but the Superfeast vegetable capsules contain bamboo excipient (Phyllostachys nigra extract); and are made from (purified water, hypromellose). Seleno Health Maca capsules contain magnesium stearate.
  • Does Jing give you energy like a coffee but without caffeine, or does the energy only come if you take it every day?
    For some, they will notice an increase energy not long after taking Jing. For others it may take weeks to notice an overall increase in energy. There is no "peak and crash" with the energy that Jing provides. It gives you true energy, and is not a crutch like coffee and energy drinks - making it the perfect replacement for these!
  • How much Superfeast tonic powder am I meant to take? The 900mg is difficult to work out.
    The 900mg dosage on the jars is a milligrams dosage, which equates to about 2.7g of powder or roughly 1tsp. Based on this 1tsp dosage there are roughly 38 servings of in the 100g jar. However, 1/4 tsp once or twice a day is a great starting dose. You can build up from there. Consistency is key with tonic herbs, be sure to take them daily.
  • Can I combine products?
    Yes, all of the products are able to be combined in smoothies, cacao, hot drinks, cold drinks, meals etc. BUT consider the flavour profiles when combining - schisandra and MSM are bitter/sour and pair well together in a lemony shot or smoothie, but do not go well in cacao or in coffee or tea!
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