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Schmoov Choc Chia Flax Pudding

Get dem omega 3s fam!

A healthy dose of ALA is served up in this recipe, and it is a delicious and easy way to go about getting it, especially if you eat a plant-based diet.

Blending it schmooooov is so much nicer IMO.

Perfect as breakfast, lunch or dessert. Convenient to take in a jar to work.

Even though chia and flax seeds are protein (and fibre) rich, I like to make this recipe with a high protein plant milk like this one or a concentrate like VV Mylk sunflower or hazelnut – personal faves.

I make it in family sized portions as we all like it (bar one small human!) and it keeps well in the fridge for 3-5 days.

As always, a recipe like this is the perfect way to sneak some medicinal mushies or tonic herbs into your family’s day! A tsp of mushrooms, or perhaps some immune boosting astragalus, would provide the magic touch.

On another note, this pudding is so satiating and makes you poop like a dream!

You can always count on me to take the chat to that level. You are not a real nurse if you don’t have a genuine interest in bowel motions. Just saying…

Hmmm if I haven’t put you off, let’s get to it…


3/4 cup of chia seeds

3 tbsp flaxseeds

1/3 cup cacao powder or cocoa powder

1 tsp Ceylon cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla

Pinch of sea salt

3 tbsp maple syrup or honey

2 + 1/4 cups of plant milk of choice


Add chia and flax seeds to high powered blender or Thermomix.

Blitz on high speed until fine, like a coarse flour.

Add in all other ingredients and blitz on high speed until blended smooth and mousse-like.

Place in an jar or container and store it in the fridge.

We love a generous blob of this pud’ with some vanilla yogurt and stewed or fresh fruit, or even some berry compote. Banana and gold kiwifruit are our current fave accompaniments – thank you autumn.

Anyway, I love ya lots and be sure to get this in your fridge ASAP – and on the regular.

Hannah x

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