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Salted Caramel Delights


My fella loves salted caramel flavour, I’m not a huge fan but do enjoy it now and then.

He also has a sweet tooth, and we like to keep our kiddos’ lunch boxes “wholefoods”.

The solution?

The beautiful wee snack sensations! Recipe makes 12-14 balls depending on how you rolllllll.


2 cups dried dates (we use Camel), chopped in half and soaked in boiled water

1 & 1/2 cups whole cashew nuts or cashew pieces

1/2 cup sunflower seeds

2 tbsp peanut butter (we love Pic’s)

2 tbsp cashew butter (we love Revive Cafe)

1 tsp Celtic sea salt (we love Harkers)

2 tsp vanilla extract

Optional desiccated coconut for rolling


Prepare dates and let them soak while you organise everything else.

Add cashews and sunflower seeds to a Thermomix, food processor or high powered blender. Grind until a fine texture has been achieved.

Add peanut and cashew butter, salt, vanilla and blend until a sticky dough has been formed.

Roll into balls and coat in coconut if using.

I find it handy to place the balls into mini muffin trays to freeze, then pop them into a container to store in fridge or freezer, these won’t last long because the entire neighbourhood will be over for a cuppa when they receive news that you’ve made these delights! My fam love them, and I do too.

If you are time poor, press the mixture into a baking paper lined tin and make into a slice.

Let me know if you make it, tag me on socials!

Lotsa love, light and abundance,

Hannah xo

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