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Plant Pesto

I was blessed with a heap of organic parsley, coriander and kale. So we had this stunner of a pesto for dinner, stirred through some red lentil pasta spirals.

It was surprisingly well-liked by the kiddos; and although my 6 year old needed to be spoon fed, he ate the lot (both kids did, in fact), and I felt like a champ!

This pesto is the perfect mate to my Basic Plant Based Crackers.


1 cup of walnuts

2 garlic cloves

A large handful each of parsley and coriander (can use parsley if not a fan!)

6 large leaves of kale (I used cavolo nero)

The juice of 2 lemons

1/4 cup water

Drizzle of olive oil (optional, can just use water for desired consistency)

2 tbsp of nutritional yeast (optional)

Salt and pepper


Preheat oven to 160 degrees fan bake. Place walnuts on a tray and toast until lightly golden (approx. 5 minutes).

Add garlic to a food processor and blitz to chop. (Thermomix speed 5 for 3 seconds).

Add nuts, kale leaves, herbs, lemon juice, water, oil (if using), nutritional yeast (if using) salt, pepper. Blitz until greens are finely chopped, and desired consistency has been reached. (Thermomix speed 6 for 3-6 seconds, use spatula to push greens down as you blend).

You will have to scrape down the sides a couple of times.

Taste and add more salt, pepper or lemon juice, if needed.

Keep in the fridge for up to a week, or freeze.

Holla at your girl if you make it, better still, tag me in your socials.

Always a pleasure,

Hannah x

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