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Hey, it’s me!

A catalyst

Kia ora, I’m Hannah – a mum, nurse & passionate women’s wellness advocate.

My business, A Nourishing Notion, was created organically as a result of my personal experience with overcoming poor health after the birth of my second child. Unfortunately conventional medicine couldn’t do a thing for me – everything was “normal” from a medical perspective; so I decided to take my health into my own hands and began to read, research and trial many different diets and healing modalities. This also meant I had to learn to cook and bake “from scratch” using whole foods as healing allies.


A Nourishing Notion exists to empower & inspire you to lead your most free, joyous and vibrant life, with a focus on longevity – living as well as you can, for as long as you are here!

Our focus is on plant predominant nutrition; using plants as supplements; tailored water & juice fasting (as appropriate); supportive detoxification + MORE!

exists to empower women to lead their most vibrant lives through nutrition, lifestyle guidance, spirituality & herbal support. I believe that we are more adaptable than we give ourselves credit for; and with conscious effort we can establish life-changing habits which enable us to cultivate a life of pleasure and vitality.

Life = changed

My life changed somewhat after becoming a mother and suffering with my health, yes. I had to reinvent myself for sure. It was a trying time. But nothing comes close to the change I experienced when I nursed my beautiful mum Alison until her passing in June 2020. Needless to say breast cancer prevention is another important facet of what I do, I promote all things anti-cancer where ever possible.

WFPB eating

The one thing that has had the most profound impact on my health is whole food plant based (WFPB) nutrition. I’ve since discovered its place in the medical world as a key component of Lifestyle Medicine

In the process of becoming a plant-based-eater, I also found a love for my kitchen. Cooking and creating is therapeutic for me. You can check out my recipes on my blog, including my popular brownie recipe, here

The goodness…

My journey also led me to Byron Bay company Superfeast. My all time favourite product (and that of my beautiful customers) is Jing. A blend of adaptogenic herbs and cordyceps medicinal mushroom, Jing is beneficial in cultivating a steady energy and promoting resilience to stress. It is hugely nourishing to the adrenal glands and assisted me in overcoming adrenal fatigue and postnatal depletion. 

I’ve also more recently become obsessed (Scorpio tings!) with Seleno Health Maca and Cacao.

Anddd keep an eye out for my very own organic greens powder product  “Goddess Greens” launching end of 2021.

I absolutely love to write about all things wellness, and a favourite topic of mine is longevity and ageing well, read more about it here.


I currently offer 1:1 wellness coaching to support women (and a few men too!) to achieve vibrancy in their everyday lives; promoting the benefits of nutrition, hydration, sleep,  stress management, exercise, spirituality, adaptogenic herbs and medicinal mushrooms. This role is deeply fulfilling to me on every level.

Looking for a speaker at your next event? Or perhaps you are in need of some workplace wellness support? Please get in touch because I thrive on sharing my knowledge with others.

If you are intrigued and want to know more about me, please stop by on Instagram or Facebook for lifestyle hacks, plant-based recipes, wellness products and more.

Hannah xx

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