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Detox & regenerate yourself...

with me as your guide!

Detoxification is centred around the lymphatic system (our body's sewer system) and the kidneys (the eliminative pathway for lymphatic/cellular waste).


Most of us have lymphatic stagnation and kidneys that aren't able to excrete our cellular waste effectively. This is a recipe for dis-ease in the body.


Let me show you how to detoxify and regenerate your body so you can feel VITAL and have a high quality of life - free from dis-ease.

I can help you with such allopathic labels as: autoimmune disease, bowel disease, endometriosis, PCOS, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, infertility, chronic fatigue and more. 

I have a background in nursing (13 years - but I've since gone rogue!); a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition with T Colin Campbell & Cornell University; and more recently, I have become a Detoxification Specialist with The International School of Healing Arts.


Most importantly, I've been on my own healing journey - losing my health after giving birth to baby number 2 back in 2016 (my personal journey was the catalyst for what I do today!).

My consultations are confidential and my approach is warm and non-judgmental; I will meet you where you are at, yet I will challenge you at the same time.


If you are open, enthusiastic, and READY to commit to taking BOLD action for yourself with a detoxification plan, you may just be my ideal client!


Detox ain't pretty, it's a journey that requires tenacity. However, it really does pay off! 

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