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1:1 Consultations

I can help you achieve greater vibrancy and health in your everyday life.

If you are ready to say goodbye to those niggling minor ailments, get better control blood glucose control, lose body fat, heal your gut, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, sleep better, increase energy, or reduce pain…or just about anything…then please get in contact, because I would love to help you out.

My work as a practice nurse; attaining a Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition with the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies; and my own healing journey; led me to a place of helping others gain control of their health on all levels.

I am here to share my expertise and assist you in your own journey to wellness and vitality.

I can help you to achieve greater vibrancy and health in your everyday life.

I would love to work alongside you to create an in-depth, ‘DO-ABLE’ plan and get you feeling good again.

Consultations are open to anyone worldwide, including children and young people.

A consultation with me entails:

  • Completing the health questionnaire & informed consent forms and record a 5 day food/drink diary before the consultation.
  • Approximately one hour of assessment time (phone/video call/face-to-face) to gather information regarding all aspects of your life.
  • At least one hour is spent on compiling your individualised plan so you can go forth and start making some important lifestyle changes.


  • My services are confidential and my approach is completely non-judgmental.
  • I encourage you to read the testimonials provided by past clients.
  • Consultations are conducted via telephone, Skype, Zoom or Facebook Messenger.
  • Half hour follow-up appointments are available and part of “The Package”.
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