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Work with me...

Are you ready to live a thriving, vibrant life?

I can help you sort your gut, cultivate energy, and balance your hormones, through establishing new daily habits…and by eating more plants.

I bring the best of both worlds together through my experience as a former nurse (12 years), and “whole person wellbeing” expertise.

The knowledge and wisdom I have gained from living out my own healing journey has been invaluable in supporting others to forge out their individual paths towards leading their best lives.

I am here to share my expertise, and empower you in your own journey to wellness and vitality.

Book a curiosity call with me to see if we are the right fit to go forth and conquer together, click here.

A consultation with me:

  • Complete the questionnaire & informed consent forms and record everything you eat and drink over a 3 day period before your consult.
  • We will chat for up to an hour to gather information regarding all aspects of your life.
  • I then use the information you provide to compile your individualised plan.
  • You go forth and level up your lifestyle!


  • My services are confidential and my approach is completely non-judgmental; I will meet you where you are at.
  • Consultations are conducted via telephone, Zoom or Facebook Messenger.
  • Face to face consultations available.
  • Testimonials provided by past clients.
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