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Helping you achieve vibrant health

One thing to remember is we humans
are very adaptable,
and can do anything we set our minds to.

My name is Hannah Shaw. As a practice nurse I see many people living with diseases of the modern-day lifestyle; and on a multitude of daily medications. Illnesses such as type two diabetes, cancer, heart disease and autoimmune disease are significantly influenced by what we choose to ingest. I am here to empower and assist others in implementing the changes necessary to prevent and/or heal from these, and other, illnesses.

Get your health on track and boost your energy levels!

I am here to assist you in your own journey to wellness and vitality. I can help you achieve vibrancy and health in your everyday life as your health guide.

Book your 1:1 consultation today and begin your journey to greater health and vitality from the comfort of your own home.

My Favourites

Latest News & Tips


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Longevity + Ageing Well

Ageing is both a blessing and a curse... Unfortunately, some of us won’t make it to old age, and those who do may not keep good health, and may endure…

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Farewell Sweet Angel

“Don't lose what you have, to what you have lost.” ~ Lucy Hone, TED Talk, 2019.   Our Story This year (2020) I nursed my mother at my home from…

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My Journey

My healing journey has led me to adopt and embrace a whole food plant based lifestyle; and help others achieve vibrant health.

I truly believe in the incredible energy-giving, and healing properties of plants via food and supplementation – hence why I love Superfeast tonic herbs, adaptogens, and mushrooms.

In 2016 I felt like I was frantically treading water in the deep end after the arrival of my colicky second child. I became plagued with ailments which severely affected my quality of life, and that of my family.

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