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Goddess Greens balls

Wow your pals with a GG ball 🤤 next time they’re over for a cuppa and yarn.

Let’s get on with it…

Place the following into a Thermomix, food processor or high powered blender…

🌱2 cups of nuts/seeds of choice (I used half a cup each of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts and almonds)

🌱1 cup of desiccated coconut (organic to avoid sulphites – preservative 202)

🌱2 tbsp Goddess Greens 

🌱2 tsp vanilla

🌱1-2 teaspoons Celtic sea salt (depends on your taste preference, go for less if you aren’t keen on a strong sweet/salty flavour)

🌱2 cups of dried dates that have been chopped in half and soaked in boiled water for 10 mins, then drained (don’t have to be perfect a bit of moisture is good).

Option A

Throw it all in together and blend. You’ll have a chunkier texture if you do this.

Option B

Blend the nuts and coconut first to make a coarse flour so the balls are a finer/smoother texture. Then add your dates and blitz to combine.

Roll into balls and toss in extra desiccated coconut, or press into a slice tin and sprinkle with coconut;

or press cacao nibs into the top; or drizzle melted dark choc over the top.

Makes 18 generous balls (which once rolled I place in mini muffin trays to freeze).

Set and store in the fridge or freezer.

Let me know if you make this. Be sure to share on your Insta/FB stories and tag me in please bebe.

With love and deliciousness,

Hannah 💞🌱✨

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