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Goddess Greens

5.0 (56 reviews)


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“Have tried my fair share of ‘green’ drinks and this one you can actually FEEL the difference. I’m amazed at my energy increase, skin, hair, overall feel more alive, and others around me have been sick but not me! Will not go a day without this amazing goodness. I’ve also saved money because I was able to cut out two other vitamins I was taking but no longer needed thanks to Goddess Greens. Thank you for this beautiful creation and will be a loyal customer forever! xx”

~ Rachel.

Are you lacking energy or struggling to sleep? Do you have digestive concerns or skin troubles?

Goddess Greens is the perfect addition to your day. Boost your intake of greens with the natural and organic goodness of NZ barley grass, Ceylon cinnamon, and Matcha green tea. This special combination has been formulated for industrious Goddesses who want to increase their antioxidant intake with fortifying plant-based nutrition.

Simply add 1-2 heaped teaspoons to water; a smoothie; or make a hot latte.

I made this greens powder for my late mother Alison. Thank you mum for giving me the gift of truly understanding the fragility and preciousness of life on earth.

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NZ Barley Grass (78%) has been grown outdoors in natural sunlight for optimal plant health. Rich in minerals, green powders support a healthy acid-alkaline balance in the body. A healthy acid-alkaline balance has been associated with good energy levels, a well-functioning immune system, and strong digestion.

Ceylon cinnamon (12.5%), known as “true cinnamon”, is grown in Sri Lanka under certified organic methods. Cinnamon is steeped in tradition and has been used for centuries as a spice that supports health. Cinnamon is supportive of healthy blood glucose balance and a robust immune response.

Matcha green tea (9.5%) is revered in parts of the world for supporting a happy mood and healthy brain, thanks to natural constituents L-theanine and the antioxidant EGCG.

We’re confident that this blend will bring goodness to your day. For other ways to use Goddess Greens, see recipes here.

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150g (14 days), 300g (30 days)

56 reviews for Goddess Greens

  1. Kylie

    Earlier this year I was diagnosed with SIBO and a parasite – at that point I’d had 18 months of awful gut discomfort. I went on a supplement protocol to sort that but was left with a very delicate gut that would experience discomfort frequently. Goddess Greens has been a game changer for me. I started with a sample pack and noticed that my gut felt so much better. Ran out of the greens and noticed the discomfort returning. Bought the bulk pack and am taking this every morning (in water) on an empty stomach and my gut it so much happier for it. Hannah, I’m so grateful for this product you created, it is making a huge difference for me.

  2. Kellie simpson (verified owner)

    Great product, gives me an energy boost. It keeps me regular too 😉

  3. Jodi (verified owner)

    My magic green jus has helped bring my hormones into balance. I noticed I was going through peri-menopause symptoms at 40 my daily coffee was causing my head to overheat and I would feel like I had a head ache, brain fog and a cant be f’d attitude.
    I have goddess greens every morning as a smoothie, 2 bananas, frozen fruit, 1/4 cup chick peas or black beans and I feel Freakking great!! I also have a hot cacao with I am gaia so i am still having a hot drink when I start work. I take Jing capsules also.
    This little glow up in my drinks has helped to unfrazzle me and make me so functionable that I’m constantly smiling cause it’s been so easy.
    Keep up the great mahi, Anna. You are making your mama so proud!

  4. Jamie (verified owner)

    I have been taking GG for sometime now. My main reason was for my gut. I know have more energy, my gut is soooo much better and i notice if I miss a day. So grateful for Hannah and her knowledge.

    I followed Hannah for quite sometime on Instagram before taking the leap of being a client and starting GG, Wish i had of just done it sooner!! X

  5. Katy (verified owner)

    Goddess Greens has become a staple as my first drink of the day and sometimes as an afternoon pick me up. I never have the afternoon sluggish feeling I would get that would see me drinking coffee to try and get through, now I very rarely have more than one coffee a day. My energy levels are great any my skin is looking great too!

  6. Kaylee (verified owner)

    I’ve been enjoying Goddess Greens for about 6 months now, and my experience has been fantastic. Recently, I decided to fully commit to it, and the results have been incredible. I wake up with a burst of energy every morning, and my digestion has become wonderfully regular – a definite plus! I must say, Hannah’s exceptional customer service truly seals the deal for me. She’s always available to answer questions and provide free support, making the experience even better. Not to mention, the shipping is on another level – I placed an order and received it the very next day, which is amazing!

  7. Kate (verified owner)

    Love including goddess greens daily! It has replaced my morning coffee, I like that I can get good hydration and greens first thing in the morning and know I’m looking after myself

  8. Rachel (verified owner)

    Have tried my fair share of ‘green’ drinks and this one you can actually FEEL the difference. I’m amazed at my energy increase, skin, hair, overall feel more alive, and others around me have been sick but not me! Will not go a day without this amazing goodness. I’ve also saved money because I was able to cut out two other vitamins I was taking but no longer needed thanks to Goddess Greens. Thank you for this beautiful creation and will be a loyal customer forever! xx

  9. Jemma (verified owner)

    Really happy with this product, with thanks to Hannah. I no longer drink coffee, have added a LOT more fruit into my diet and I have GG nearly every single day. I obsoletely notice a difference when I don’t drink it. LOVE the flavor and always just mix it with water in the mornings, epic clean taste.

  10. Hannah Dineen (verified owner)

    Hannah put me onto Goddess Greens right from when she launched it. I can say hand on heart it is a wonderful product. I am a busy farmer and mother of 3.I take GG first thing in the morning, hydration before caffeination, and it really does set me up for the day. Especially when we get super busy, and I may not have the time to get anything else healthy into me, knowing I have this superfood on board is game changer. Definitely recommend to anyone hesitant to start their health journey, it’s easy, and amazing.

  11. Nicole (verified owner)

    Love love love goddess greens, its delish, easy to drink and is so energizing, and hydrating. Best dang greens on the market 🧚🏼💚

  12. Alana (verified owner)

    Amazing product, I’m so pleased I have added this to both mine and my children’s daily routine. I love and early afternoon goddess greens to get me through the evening. An incredible energy boost. I add it to my kids smoothies and love knowing that they are starting the day right with all the good stuff and heading to school full of brain fuel.

  13. Mareah

    I’ve been using Goddess Greens for a few months and am obsessed. It’s so easy to incorporate into my routine. Either in the smoothie or with water and it’s giving me so much energy and my guts feeling so stable, no more bloating!!

  14. Claire (verified owner)

    I drink Goddess Greens everyday, even if I have to scrape the bottom of the bag! It gives me the perfect amount of energy to get through the day and I especially love having a top up around 3pm to help me calmly approach the dinner/bedtime chaos! I love the taste and find it’s a great way to hydrate. I don’t want to go without it!

  15. Penny (verified owner)

    My 14yr old daughter has started drinking GG on the daily as well now, so awesome!! Still converting my 11yr old son, but he will add it to smoothies 🙂 I am caffeine sensitive (so only have 1 tsp daily instead of 1tb) and cant drink coffee or black tea, GG is my daily energy boost and pick me up and soo good knowing I am adding more healthy greens to my diet.

  16. Sarah

    Just back from Bali and my poor family got struck down with Bali Belly and i didnt – i honestly believe i have built a robust Gut with Goddess greens – I take it DAILY and its now part of my daily practice, its the first thing i do when out of bed!

  17. Stevie (verified owner)

    Love this greens powder! Makes me feel good and notice the difference when taking every day, I put in my juice or smoothie each morning! Also Hannah’s knowledge and advice is amazing.

  18. Tess (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking Goddess Greens for aprox 3-4 months now, and what a difference! I find the taste pleasant, and it’s easy to drink. My skin is clearer, and I find it gives me a good pick me up without the caffeine crash later. Hannah is absolutely fabulous, always quick to respond to any questions, and she has a wealth of knowledge to share.
    Thank you Hannah for a gorgeous product

  19. Hayley (verified owner)

    G.G has certainly changed my health and well-being for the positive. I’ve been taking this for well over a year now and couldn’t imagine my morning routine with out it. In fact when traveling overseas for two weeks and didn’t have it, i certainly noticed not having it straight away.
    I work in a busy preschool surrounded by winter bugs. Since taking this, I’ve really notice I don’t get sick like my fellow staff members. If I do get a cold, it doesn’t go further han that and I bounce back quicker.
    Would highly recommend and have recommended it to so many people and they have all been hooked as much me.

  20. Tahnee (verified owner)

    A large glass of Goddess Greens first thing in the morning is now non negotiable for me. After breastfeeding during the night I was looking for a hydrating, healthy and tasty drink and this does it all. My skin is clearer and I feel more energised. Always accompanied by a Jing tea too.
    Awesome products, highly recommend 🙂

  21. Alex (verified owner)

    Beautiful Goddess Greens
    By far the yummiest greens powder I’ve tried! Like any greens powder you have to get used to the grainyness but once it’s thoroughly mixed the matcha, cinnamon flavour is rather good. Also a beautiful feeling, know you are nurturing your body every day with this. I drink it in water most mornings or sometimes in a smoothie which even my kids love.

  22. Becky Bennett (verified owner)

    A baby at 42, and a gut bacteria infection wiped me out! I cannot live without my daily Goddess Greens, for my ongoing health and well being. Thanks Hannah x

  23. Rosie

    Absolutely adore this product. It’s part of my day every day first thing in the morning and if I need a little afternoon pick me up. It has done wonders for my skin and energy levels.

  24. Rose McLeod (verified owner)

    A good way to get my greens in, and keep my daily eating habits in check. Barley Grass has 11x more calcium than milk and is a good source of other vitamins, especially important after having two kiddos. Thanks, Hannah xxx

  25. Jacqui

    Sooooo good. Every visitor at Heart Place Hospital have had GG made for them. Caring for our Carers ripple effects off to all our citizens. Big fans

  26. Helen

    Love Goddess Greens! The flavour is not as overpowering as other brands of “super greens”, so it’s not a chore to drink. I found it really helped me to keep regular and my hormonal acne wasn’t as bad. I totally recommend this product to anyone and Hannah’s services. It’s also great to support a small NZ business.

  27. Michael 🗝

    Without any doubt I would highly recommend GG to anyone of any age, wether that’s in smoothies, hot or cold! Its become my daily ritual to make a hot cup of GG and since starting this I havent had one coffee OR any cravings for it – I feel more energised than after a coffee and no jitters – clean green and fit for any human machine – thanks Hannah for making the first greens powder I have actually loved 💚💚💚

  28. Hazel Mathieson (verified owner)

    Hannah; this is an amazing product! I have one heaped tablespoon in a large glass of water every morning before I go to work and it has been life changing. I feel so much more engerised and hydrated. Thank you so much 🙂

  29. Michela Carnevale (verified owner)

    After taking this consistently for just under a month I am beyond happy to see and feel the results. I have type 2 rosacea and have tried so many gut healing protocols this has calmed my skin dramatically, it looks so much clearer and I have no new angry spots. About to reorder, am so happy with the results. Ngā mihi Hannah xx

  30. Kylie

    Goddess Greens makes me feel so good!! It’s super fresh, and you can really taste the cinnamon too, which I love. I do two heaped tsp in a large glass and scull it back, and it’s super refreshing. It makes me feel nourished and hydrated. About to buy my third pouch!

  31. Amy (verified owner)

    I have been following Hannah’s journey a few years now, purchasing the goddess greens was a easy discussion, I watch how she lives life and looks after her health so I fully trusted her products. Hannah also recommended Jing and mason mushrooms for my health journey. All products are amazing.
    Thank you Hanhah for being your true genuine self, your such a inspiration!

  32. Trina

    Love Goddess greens 😍
    A taste of nature and makes you feel revitalized, a great way to recharge and get extra energy in the day when you need it.
    And the taste isn’t to bad either, mix into your daily smoothie for added goodness 💗 Feel like a true goddess 💗

  33. Jodi Webb (verified owner)

    I have found having this drink in the morning great to get my day started. The cinnamon makes it easily palatable to drink. Quick way to get some goodness in!

  34. Suzanne de Pina

    Loving the Goddess Greens. A good dose of healthy greens to start the day. I mix it in with hot water, lemon juice, honey, tumeric and ginger. Thanks Hannah for such a wonderful product 🌸🙏🌸 and thanks Rebecca for the Goddess Greens Gift 🌸🌷🌸

  35. Theresa Short (verified owner)

    Loving Goddess green each morning! I was pleasantly surprised by the taste, easy to drink 🙂. Thanks Hannah

  36. Ariana Demesi (verified owner)

    Running out bout to order more.

    Guaranteed good feeling before and after taking it to start each day. Accidentally left at my old place and when I started using again I realised how much I missed it and how it naturally got me into rhythm again.

  37. Ria (verified owner)

    I am not normally a greens person – I can’t usually stomach them BUT Goddess Greens is my new daily habit that I can’t live without. My skin is clearer and my energy has drastically improved. It’s been a great support with winter sickness . GG is assisting with my triathlon training and helping keeping this body moving. I am a convert!

  38. Siobhan

    Best tasting greens powder I’ve ever tried! The inflammation in my skin also dramatically decreased just in a month of taking it! Makes me feel like I’m starting my day off the best way possible for my mind, body, & spirit when I drink this! Will definitely be reordering (and will be the guest greens powder I’ve ever brought again!)

  39. Cherie Toatoa (verified owner)

    Kia ora! Both my active 17 year old daughter and I have been taking goddess greens for nearly two months and it’s AMAZING. Feel energised and comforted knowing we’ve started our day with this goodness!! Tried the sample first and then purchased straight away after feeling results. I have a sensitive stomach so was worried that might upset my puku but it hasn’t at all. This product is awesome and a great addition to our day. Hannah is a wealth of knowledge as well, love her posts and sharing tips for better health and well being for us all. Mauriora ki a tātou.

  40. Stacey

    It makes a huge difference to my energy levels, I live with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and this helps a lot to clear the brain fog.

  41. Alicia (verified owner)

    Wow this green powder is actually amazing!!!! I currently have a chronic illness and this has helped me so much with me with my energy stores, mood and bowel movements. With all of them improvements I feel like I can cope with day to day life a lot better. I skull it first this in the morning. Thanks Hannah for making such an amazing product xxx

  42. Ruth

    These greens are amazing! I’ve taken green powders since my teens and am now mid 30s, they are super energising, lift you up during the afternoon lull and rehydrate you first thing in the morning. Def would recommend to anybody. Other greens were blocking up my baby and these have helped keep him regular 🙂 awesome product

  43. Quinnezz

    Amasing in my morning smoothies perfect balance dosent take over the flavour ut enhances it! Glad I made the switch to goddess greens !

  44. Fiona (verified owner)

    I love this product. I have been having it the last week and has made a huge difference to helping me get over Covid, not to mention while being pregnant also and no time to really rest helping out on the farm. After having the drink, you feel instantly better, you know you are giving your body the goodness it deserves. I highly recommend Goddess Greens to anyone, it’s super safe, natural and for those pregnant ladies out there (who can’t take any medicine to help fight off bugs and boost our immune system).

  45. Brandy (verified owner)

    Absolutely love my goddess greens. Pop it in a daily smoothie with my collagen powder and banana and deeeelish! Such lovely professional service too. Definitely addicted 🌱🥰

  46. Mikey (verified owner)

    Let’s just say I definitely have my life together on the days when I remember to have a glass of greens in the morning!! Way more energy, clarity AND I notice I don’t make shitty food choices when I’ve had a glass of GG first thing. You’re a legend Hannah!! Thankyou x

  47. Lara (verified owner)

    Absolutely loving my goddess Greens, I wouldn’t be without it now. I take it every day and feel so much better for it. Recommend this product 100%
    Thank you Hannah

  48. Emma Waters

    Such a lovely, subtle flavour with a hint of cinnamon 🙂 It’s been a Godsend over the past few weeks with all the winter germs in our house. My fave super green blend by far! Thank so much xx

  49. Alana (verified owner)

    Love this product!
    It gets me through the afternoon slump and helps my sugar cravings and wanting naughty food when feeling tired or a bit stressed.
    Always feeling good after sculling back a big pint of this.
    Fully Recommend!

  50. Fiona (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a few and definitely find this easy to down! Love knowing I’m getting some green goodness in my day, thanks for helping me look after my health Hannah xx

  51. Dayna

    Awesome product! I take it in the afternoons instead of a coffee for a quick ‘pick me up’ 😊

  52. Ramona (verified owner)

    Loving the greens and natural boost!
    Amazing fast delivery!
    Was a bit slow to start a new habit but now that I’m taking it once a day, I’m noticing the effects .. my mood and energy. A great pick-me -up alternative to coffee. Thank you (Influence by the lovely Nicky;)

  53. Keita

    I love this stuff!!.. Great for my body and mind.. and love the idea of using it as a wee pick me up around 3pm!:).. Boom!!.. Thank you Hannah

  54. Sharyn

    Fabulous product, excellent service and it feels great knowing I’m getting an extra boost of “greens”. My partner is also loving it and adds to his daily smoothie. Thanks for making such a fabulous product Hannah.

  55. Karla (verified owner)

    I love it thanks Hannah, nice to no I’m getting in some nice daily requirements, easy to buy and great service.

  56. Phoebe

    A long cool drink of these lovely greens has become part of my daily ritual, my head feels clear and my body feels good. It’s great knowing that I’ve had a good dose of healthy greens and am looking after my body!

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