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savoury avocado dip

Updated: Mar 18

I made this up on a whim when Ted & I were feeling like a snack on the weekend.

He likens it to kiwi onion dip...but healthier.


1 clove garlic

6 sliced jalapeños

2 ripe avocados

1 tsp onion powder 

2 tbsp sweet chilli sauce

Juice of a lemon

Option to chop cherry tomatoes into quarters and stir through at end


Chop garlic + jalapenos in a food processor or Thermomix (speed 6 for 3 seconds, scrape sides of bowl and repeat until chopped finely)

Add the rest of the ingredients and blend until creamy and smooth. If using a Thermomix, add butterfly whisk and whip for 5 seconds, speed 4.

Serve with vege sticks and/or Proper Crisps tortilla chips or Tia Pablo tortilla chips.

I hope you enjoy!

Lotsa love,

Hannah 💖

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