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I have known Hannah for many years and I have witnessed her own healing journey. I was very interested to have a consult with Hannah as I wanted to make healthier lifestyle choices for myself and my family. After having two children very close together I wanted to get back my energy. To feel like I was living and not just surviving while racing around exhausted with a baby and toddler.

I felt very comfortable during our consult, Hannah did not judge any of my current food choices and it made me feel comfortable being honest. We discussed easy changes that I could make daily that would add extra nutrients into our diet and lifestyle choices I could include daily for my wellbeing.

I also was sent through an email detailing what we had discussed. Hannah is full of knowledge and is continually researching and learning, so there was nothing she could not help me with.

I loved my consult so much that I also referred my mother. I have made all the changes that were suggested and quit my long term addiction to caffeine and I have so much more energy now.

If you’re looking at finding a healthier you, then Hannah is the one to see.

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