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Sammy’s Journey to Vibrant Health

In the heart of rural Nelson, New Zealand, a cute lil story unfolded – a tale of sisterhood, resilience, and a remarkable journey to vibrant health.

Meet Sammy, my dear friend…and housemate for an interesting and fun 2.5 years. Together, we embarked on a wellness journey that *cue the drama* 😜 rewrote the narrative of our lives.

This is not just Sammy’s story; it’s a journey woven with threads of support, personal growth, and shared triumphs over some huuuuuge life challenges. Sammy and I lived together through some of our hardest times. We stuck together, parenting each other’s children; being a trusted support when darkness reigned (Covid times certainly brought us some darkness!), and ensuring that we experienced plenty of joy-bringing adventures along the way.

We cultivated great peace in our household (after many years of tumultuous and stressful lives), and as a result, our children flourished and became more resilient and grounded.

Sammy and I were not just friends; we became family. Living under the same roof, our connection deepened. We felt like we had lived similar lives. Often there was little said between us, side by side on the couch or driving in complete silence (or me yacking 😆!!); but the loving presence was always felt. Our flourishing soul sister bond would become the foundation of a healing journey.

Facing adversity and loss

Life had dealt us both heavy blows. Sammy, back in 2016 (within the span of three days) lost both of her parents. I, too, experienced the excruciating loss of my mother to breast cancer in 2020. The pain of losing parents, (our mothers to the same ruthless disease), connected us in a way that only those who’ve experienced such loss can understand.

In 2020/21, Sammy and I found ourselves at a crossroads, leaving unhappy marriages for new and authentic lives. It wasn’t mere coincidence. It was an alignment of souls knowing that we were deserving of so much more than what we had settled for for many unhappy years. As spiritual women, we truly believe in divine guidance – our parents orchestrating our meeting to lead us on a healing path.

Challenges and struggles

When Sammy and I first crossed paths, she carried a few health challenges that weighed on her daily life. Intense migraines, clotty and heavy periods, painful cramps, spotty skin, low energy, sciatica, anxiety, and depression cast a shadow over her well-being. She battled food cravings, food addiction, and overeating (like me!!). Medications for migraines, anxiety, and depression had been part of her daily routine for some years.

A healing journey unfolds

Sammy’s journey to vibrant health didn’t happen overnight. It was a gradual process marked by intentional choices and lifestyle shifts. As I was the main cook, and plant food was all that was on the menu, Sammy had no choice but to embrace a nourishing whole food plant-based diet (laced with extras such as my Goddess Greens and Superfeast tonics). Plant-powered meals offered the same pathway to healing for Sammy, as they did for me.

Once Sammy’s sciatica healed, we got into running and entered a women’s adventure race ‘Spirited Women’.

We delved into the challenge of water fasting – the perfect reset for breaking our overeating habits and food addiction. This gave a new level of vitality. The results were tangible – increased energy, a clearer complexion, and improved digestion. We felt lighter all-round with regular fasting, in fact we lost some excess weight too.

To navigate and alleviate our stress, we introduced “Tapping” (Emotional Freedom Technique), a simple yet profound method (that I still use daily) that brought relief to stress, anxiety and other low vibe feelings. We would include a good dose of sunshine alongside, as we sat outside and tapped, a cup of heart soothing Jing-laced cacao in hand.

As the days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, Sammy’s transformation confirmed what I already knew about the power of plants. Her once clotty and heavy periods became lighter – with minimal cramping, and cycles more regular. Her skin, once dotted with spots, glowed with newfound clarity, Saying goodbye to medication for migraines and anxiety was a huge triumph, too – and a testament to the healing power of these lifestyle shifts.

A new chapter of joy and freedom

Today, Sammy is thriving in her own unique way and still eating a predominantly plant based diet with my goodies added in, of course! She found her sanctuary in a cosy house bus nestled on her 15-acre off-the-grid property up the road. She works hard around her property, shaping it into a peaceful haven for herself, and her daughter Charleigh. We see each other regularly, and still enjoy a cold Goddess Greens water, cacao in the sun, camping trips, and other adventures.

A celebration of life, health, and friendship

Sammy’s story is not just a personal triumph; it’s a celebration of resilience and sisterhood. We know and trust that, together, we can overcome our darkest of days, and relish in our highs.

Such a blessing it is to have emerged from the shadows, now living as our most light and authentic selves. One thing is for certain, we will be forever learning and growing through our life experiences.

Here’s to Sammy – a testament to the transformative power of getting outside of your comfort zone. Check out her blog here, where you can find intimate posts on grief; and on our unconventional family.

With dedication, support, and a touch of plant-powered magic, vibrant health is within reach for any person. If you are ready for life changing results (such as Sammy’s), please take a look at my 1:1 coaching service here.

Lotsa love,

Hannah 💗

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