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My Journey

My healing journey has led me to adopt and embrace a vibrant lifestyle in all its facets; and to help other women achieve the same.

My healing journey has led me to adopt and embrace a whole food plant based lifestyle; and help others achieve vibrant health.

I truly believe in the incredible energy-giving, and healing properties of plants via food and supplementation – hence why I love Superfeast tonic herbs, adaptogens, and mushrooms.

In 2016 I felt like I was frantically treading water in the deep end after the arrival of my colicky second child. I became plagued with ailments which severely affected my quality of life, and that of my family.

I became ill five times in the first 5 months of baby’s life with what I thought was “gastro”, which turned out to be E.Coli contamination in our rural water supply. A filter fixed the water and the “gastro” ceased, however my gut health was ruined leaving me with intestinal permeability – AKA “Leaky Gut”.

I was unable to tolerate many foods and my health deteriorated further. I was sleep deprived, lethargic, brain foggy, irritable/rage-y, had severe eczema, joint aches, digestive issues (gas/bloating), liver discomfort, menstrual concerns, poor immune function, adrenal fatigue, and battled with yeast overgrowth symptoms.

Eliminating the foods I was sensitive to eased some of my symptoms. I was forced to become passionate for cooking whole foods. I spent a great amount of time in the kitchen trying to heal myself with nutrition (and still do). But whole, unprocessed foods (including a lot of home grown animal protein) weren’t enough to heal me. By 2017 I wasn’t eating dairy, eggs, soy or wheat, and I was following a super-clean Paleo-like diet, yet my symptoms persisted.

After almost 3 years of trial and error with nutrition and supplements, and with encouragement from friends who were healing from cancer and autoimmune disease, I decided to quit meat and trial a whole food plant based diet. I had nothing to lose and was willing to try anything once – after all, I could always go back to meat if it didn’t work out! So I based my diet on fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, wholegrains, legumes, and beans. In the early days when I was transitioning I would occasionally still have some meat, yet this always left me feeling heavy and uncomfortable.

Eating a whole food plant based diet meant my body was absolutely flooded with anti-inflammatory nutrients and fibre, allowing for detoxification and healing to take place. Most of my ailments started disappearing within the first 3 months. It was astounding how quickly my health turned around. The best parts were having consistent energy and no more brain fog. Oh and being eczema free!

One thing to always remember is we humans are very adaptable and can do anything we set our minds to. I had once said I could never be a “vegan”, yet here I am no longer consuming animal foods, and enjoying the abundance of plant foods that nature provides.

When working as a nurse, I saw many people living with diseases of the modern-day lifestyle; and on a multitude of daily medications. Illnesses such as type two diabetes, cancer, heart disease and arthritis are significantly influenced by what we choose to ingest. I am here to empower and assist others in implementing the changes necessary to prevent and/or say goodbye to these illnesses. Talk to me about a lifestyle programme today.

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