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Informed Consent

Consultations with Hannah Shaw (A Nourishing Notion) are intended to support the natural functioning of your body systems so as to improve your general health and well being. 

Information provided is of a general nature and based on a combination of personal experience, 10 years primary health care nursing and plant-based nutrition knowledge.

Hannah cannot diagnose or treat any illness or disease, or any other physical or mental condition. She may refer you to your General Practitioner if there is any serious concern regarding your health.

Please seek the advice of your General Practitioner or specialist before commencing dietary/lifestyle changes, particularly if you are taking regular medications or have a chronic illness.

Information provided to you is not a substitute for prescribed medications or medical advice.

The service Hannah provides is confidential; no information will be shared without prior consent – unless you are at imminent risk of harm.

Any information recorded by Hannah during consultations will be kept private and secure.

Individual results may vary and cannot be guaranteed.

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