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Hit the spot balls

Boom shaka laka laka as my children would say! These balls are a crowd pleaser and help to get me off the chocolate/sugar addiction…

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Hey, it’s me!

A catalyst Kia ora, I’m Hannah - a mum, nurse & passionate women’s wellness advocate. My business, A Nourishing Notion, was created organically as…

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Fat for life

What is fat? An essential part of the human diet, fat is important for good health. There are different types of fats, however some…

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You likely know by now that excellent gut health is foundational for vibrant well-being.  Let's delve into what this might look like, and what…

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Farewell Sweet Angel

“Don't lose what you have, to what you have lost.” ~ Lucy Hone, TED Talk, 2019.   Our Story This year (2020) I nursed…

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“Yin-ed out”

What is Yin yoga? Today I had a lovely chat via Zoom with Jane Pascoe of Jane Pascoe Dance, Yoga, Barre describing the benefits…

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